Call for paper

Topics of interest in the following areas, but not limited to:
Modeling, identification and control of mechatronic systems 机电一体化系统的建模、识别和控制
Robotics and automation technology 机器人和自动化技术
3D Printing Technologies 3D打印技术
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control  人工智能与智能控制
Human-robot interaction and collaboration 人机交互与协作
Sensors and actuators 传感器和执行器
Vibration and Noise Control  振动和噪音控制
Precision Measurement Technology  精密测量技术
Precision Machining and Inspection Technology 精密加工与检测技术
MEMS/NEMS and micro/nano robotics 微机电系统/纳米机电系统与微纳机器人
Optomechatronics Technology and Application 光机电一体化技术与应用
Elements, structures, mechanisms of micro and nano systems 微纳米系统的元素、结构和机理
AI, neural networks and fuzzy logic in mechatronics and robotics 机电一体化和机器人学中的人工智能、神经网络和模糊逻辑
Automotive systems 汽车系统
Integrated Manufacturing System  集成制造系统
Industrial Robots and Automatic Production Line  工业机器人与自动化生产线
Biomedical mechatronics and medical devices 生物医学机电一体化与医疗器械